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Environmental Restoration and Reclamation. Commercial and Residential Landscaping. Construction Contracting.


Site Restoration, Native Plant Installation and Seeding

Vitae has successfully installed hundreds of thousands of custom grown and commercially available plants throughout Alberta's wide range of native landscapes. Whether it be harvest and install of live cuttings, supply and install of potted materials, native seed or turf seeding, or the relocation of vegetation found on site, our team combines state-of-the-art tools and equipment, quality products and highly trained professionals to deliver successful revegetation on reclamation projects for our industrial partners. ​


Decompaction and  Site Recontouring

Our skilled team of reclamation technicians uses quality equipment to bring a sites soil profiles and landscape contouring back to pre-disturbance conditions, allow for proper drainage, and support vegetative establishment. We have a proven track record of success working directly for industry clients or subcontracting to larger general contractors. Our experience includes working with clients in oil and gas, abandoned leases, transmission lines, road construction, ​civil construction, private development, and much more. 


Access Decommissioning and Road Removal

Site infrastructure is a key piece to stakeholder management. Our team will work with your consultants, engineering firm, general contractors, subcontractors, or site owners to help maintain or decommission accesses. We utilize best-management practices to keep your team moving forward, minimize erosion potential, and reclaim accesses when they are no longer required. We can help achieve your team achieve project goals while minimizing impact and help keep your stakeholders satisfied.


Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) and Hydroseeding

Efficient application of ESC products is key to slope stabilization and the minimization of soil loss on-site. This helps with overall success of vegetative establishment and achieving project goals. Our trained professionals can recommend and install a wide range of products to meet the requirements of your site, including hydraulically applied mulch and biotic soil amendments to help depleted soils support plant growth over time. Whether it be temporary or permanent, coco matting, wattles, or biolog installations, our team can help your soil stay where it is supposed to and keep sediment on-site. 

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Bioengineering, Creek Rehabilitation and  Streambank Stabilization 

Streambank stabilization and bioengineering projects can be tricky business and often require significant execution planning to be completed properly. Our team has completed many installations with a large variety of designs. Our experienced project managers work together with project engineers, designers, and consultants to ensure projects are executed to spec while taking into account specific site challenges and conditions. We work hand in hand with our partners and consultants to follow all applicable environmental regulations to a tee.


Commercial & Residential Landscape Construction

Experience and education together make for a qualified landscape contractor. Vitae has been completing high-quality landscape installations in Southern Alberta for over 10 years. Our certified professionals can complete hardscape and softscape projects alike, from design to installation, on-time and on budget. Vitae combines modern tools and equipment with age-old processes to complete our installations successfully, safely, and of the highest quality. Landscape construction was where we started and continues to be part of our core business.

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Tree Removal, Brushing, Mulching and Clearing 

Forest management is crucial to ensuring that the risk of stand replacing fire is minimized as much as possible. We have staff experienced in tree felling, thinning, brushing, clearing, and debris management. Working with private, commercial, or industrial clients towards healthier forests and fewer danger trees is part of our passion for a sustainable environment. Through the deployment of experienced staff, safe work practices and procedures, and appropriate protective equipment, Vitae has contributed towards safer and cleaner forests and work sites throughout Alberta. 

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Earthworks and Civil Construction Services

Landscape topography is a key factor that affects the drainage of a site. This impacts the overall usability of the land and dictates the type of plants that will survive there. Ensuring that a desired grade is achieved is crucial prior to the construction of assets, application of topsoil, or planting of vegetation on a site. Our modern fleet of well maintained equipment, relationships with partner organizations, and in-house professionals work with local and regional suppliers of topsoil and aggregates to put the right materials in the right places. Our operators know our gear well and can get your project done on time and on budget.

CNP Irrigation.jpg

Irrigation Design, Installation and Site Maintenance 

Everyone knows plants need water to survive. How much water is applied and when watering occurs is also very important to the success of plantings, both in natural or man-made environments. Our certified irrigation experts can help identify the requirements of planted areas, design systems for irrigation, or install systems that have been specified by our clients and partners. Well maintained plant material is healthier, looks better, and is much more likely to survive and thrive over time, especially when exposed to hot summers and even colder winters.




Vitae Environmental Construction Ltd. is a Southern Alberta based business with local and extensive regional experience in reclamation, environmental construction, civil construction, landscaping, Irrigation, and maintenance services, with specific expertise in Alberta's ecology.


Vitae has a team of 40+ employees, including:

  • Professional and Technical Agrologists 

  • Civil Engineering Technologists 

  • Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control

  • Journeymen Landscapers and Carpenters

  • Horticultural Technicians

  • Reclamation Technicians

  • Certified Pesticide Applicators

  • Landscape Architects and Designers

  • Certified Irrigation Specialists and Technicians

  • Safety Professionals 

  • Experienced Equipment Operators

  • Management Professionals 

Vitae is currently partnered with industry clients in the oil and gas, pipeline, power transmission, transportation, mining, forestry, utility, aggregate, environmental, and conservation industries at both private and public levels. We have experience as both a Prime Contractor or a Subcontractor and routinely work on projects of varying sizes and compositions.  

We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees, client personnel and subcontractors on every project. Vitae is COR Certified and a member of ComplyWorks, ISNetworld, and other client-specific safety programs. 



Vitae Environmental Construction has completed hundreds of projects throughout the province of Alberta. Our team has experience working remote and difficult to access sites, coordinating with other contractors, and working collaboratively with owners, clients, engineers, and designers to find practical solutions to complex problems. Our fleet includes a variety of equipment that is the right-size for most jobs, large and small. This includes multiple excavators and skid steers with specialty attachments, seeders and hydroseeders, mulchers, mowers, saws, trenchers, tanks, pumps, safety equipment, and all the trucks and trailers required to mobilize to site, wherever site may be. We supply native plant materials, seeds, erosion control products such as coco matting, biologs and hydromulch, and have a network of partners and suppliers throughout the province who we work with regularly to meet the needs of our clients. Our experience includes but is not limited to the following scopes of work:



Contact Details

Vitae Environmental Construction Ltd.

835 Waterton Ave
P.O. Box 1407
Pincher Creek AB, T0K 1W0



Tel: 403-627-4589

Now located in the Town of Pincher Creek, Alberta. 


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